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On Sunday, October 7th, at the 11:00 am Mass, we as the community of St. Joseph Church, will celebrate the combined Rite of Acceptance into the order of catechumens and Rite of Welcoming. All parishioners are encouraged to attend this liturgy to welcome and show support for those seeking entrance to God’s Church and acceptance into the faith community of St. Joseph Parish.

For inquirers (unbaptized), the Rite of Acceptance is the first public declaration of their intention to continue their faith journey toward full initiation in the Catholic Church. The Church, in turn, accepts them and offers blessings. Following the rite, they are members of the Church although not fully initiated members. They will be called “catechumens”.

For candidates (baptized), the Rite of Welcoming is their first public announcement of their desire to complete their Christian initiation and be received into full communion of the Catholic Church. The Church welcomes them into community as our brothers and sisters in Christ. They continue to be called “candidates” as those who are formally seeking the remaining sacraments of initiation (confirmation & communion)

For both catechumens and candidates, their participation in these rites affirms their intention to establish a deeper relationship with God and to continue study in the Catholic Christian faith. As a community of faithful, we, members of the St. Joseph community, celebrate their new relationship with God and with us and offer our ongoing support, prayers, and witness to them.

Following the 11:00 am Mass all parishioners are invited to a Parish Potluck Welcoming uncheon in our PLC welcoming not only our RCIA catechumens and candidates, but also all newcomers who have registered in our parish this past year

Reach out to one of the RCIA Core Team members any time:

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Call us if you have questions: Deacon Don Craighead, Director, 615-870-0488; Bill Chalfin, 615-948-0529;

Al Fleck, 615-868-5650; Debra Head, 615-851-1908; Don Steinhilber, 615-265-8375

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