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Scripture Study

Sunday Morning Bible Study


Sunday Morning Scripture Class @ 9:30AM

Beatitudes Matthew 5: 3-10

Blessed are the Pure of Heart,   for they shall see God”       Matthew 5:8

During the months of SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 

the focus of the Sunday Scripture Class will be on the sixth beatitude.

1Peter 3:1-6      Matthew 5:28-29      Ephesians 5:4      Genesis 39:7-12      Titus 5:22

“What does it take? Wise up. Clean up. Give up. Take up.

  • In the presence of hope - faith is born.
  • In the presence of faith - love becomes a possibility!
  • In the presence of love - miracles happen!

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Saturday Morning Bible Study

Bible StudySaturday Morning Scripture Study:  resumes September 22, 2018, with The Great Adventure’s “EPHESIANS: Discover Your Inheritance”, an 8-part study that will illuminate the nature of the Church and our great inheritance as sons/daughters in the family of God.  See and save the full-page flyer at any church exit for more information and to register.  There is no prior study necessary; all are welcome and can greatly benefit.  Registration deadline is Friday, September 14, 2018, for assurance of receiving materials before the first session.  Come explore God’s gracious word to us in the letter to the Ephesians!  Contact:  Debra Head (615-851-1908) or Don Steinhilber (615-265-8375)

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