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Finance Board


MEMBER/email address     



Denis Blackwelder Chairperson 1/1/2012
JP Brizzolara   6/1/2016
Pam Jackson   6/1/2016
Paulette Gentry   1/1/2012
Patricia Avril Secretary 3/22/2014
Shelby Logsdon Financial Services  
Jared Smalley School Board Rep

Vision - Mission - Values

Holy Spirit


Our vision is to create a living, loving, vibrant community of God's People



Our mission is to deepen our personal and communal relationship with Jesus Christ in the context of our Catholic Christian faith tradition. It is our intention to do this by actively promoting and developing the spiritual, the educational, the formational, the communal, the service and justice components of our parish.



Love God above all else
Love neighbor as yourself
Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer
All life is sacred
We are the body of Christ.
[Unity with one another]




Contact Us


Fr. John Baptiste Kyabuta, Pastor
(615) 865-1071 

Fr. Tien Tran, Associate Pastor
(615) 865-1071

Weekends and after office hours:
To be used only in extreme emergency:

(615) 378-9909


Parish Secretary
(615) 865-1071

Religious Education
Sharyn Curbo, Director
(615) 230-9811

Pastoral Care Coordinator
(615) 860-5031

Deacon Ted Welsh - Prison Ministry
Deacon Don Craighead - Baptism Classes

Deacon Gordon McBride

Edye Durham - Parish Nurse - 615-860-0128 (Tues & Thurs from 9AM - 2PM)

                        Food Pantry Hours - Tuesday & Thursday 9AM to 12:30

Sharyn Craighead - Trains Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors


CJ Martin, Principal
(615) 865-1491

Saint Joseph After School Child Care
(615)860-5046 Ext. 431

Director of Financial Services
(615) 865-1071 Ext. 309


Mass Schedule



Saturday Mass

Sunday Mass

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,

Friday & Saturday Mass


Wednesday Mass

4:30 PM

8:30AM, 11:00AM & 5:00PM

8:00 AM



6:00 PM






Also available by appointment.

5:00 - 6:00 PM

8:30 AM and 4:00-4:30 PM

8:00 - 8:30 AM

Father Jean Baptiste Kyabuta

Fr. Jean Baptiste 2Dear Parishioners,

As I pause to reflect over this past year here at St. Joseph Parish, I am in awe in how good the Lord has been to our church and school community throughout this year.

Going forward, our goal is to keep St. Joseph Church and School a beautiful and safe enviornment, where our faith can be taught, grow and be saved. 

For me, as a Pastor pausing to be thankful is not just a seasonal thing.  Every time we stop long enough to remember all for God's goodness to us, we discover opportunities to share God's gifts with others. 

Read more ...

Map and Directions


St. Joseph Catholic Church is located in the heart of Madison, Tennessee at 1225 Gallatin Pike, South, between Due West Avenue and the Briley Parkway exchange. There are various fast food eateries nearby as well as the Madison Square Shopping Center. Additionally, the Veteran's Cemetery and Spring Hill Cemetery on Gallatin Road are in close proximity to the church. We may be reached by phone during regular office hours at (615) 865-1071,
or by fax at (615) 868-4900.