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Wedding Guild

Wedding GuildThe Wedding Guild at St. Joseph Parish consists of several parishioners who assist the clergy, staff, and bridal parties with preparations for rehearsals and weddings. One or more members of this ministry meets with each bride several times to ensure things are being done according to church guidelines and the bride's wishes.

Please click here to read more about weddings at St. Joseph.

Members of the Wedding Guild:

Rachel Spence
Patricia Kelley
Carol Mick
Kathy Duer


International Ministry

International MinistryThis group promotes a variety of multi-cultural events ranging from exhibits to dinners to foster sharing and appreciation of our diverse parish community.

We are a diversified community and a community like this should involve all in church ministries. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself but how can you love your neighbor if you do not know them. Our community is from a diverse background and we desire to grow strong friendships in loving acceptance of all people.

Our mission is to bring all together by sharing, learning and understanding the cultures and traditions that exist on our community. With this, we can build one community, promote respect and trust in one another, peace, harmony to all and most of all to better serve our church and God Almighty.

To accomplish this goal, we strive to initiate a program where we all can participate by sharing, learning and understanding different cultures and traditions. Our plan is to develop a program on how to know our neighbor. One of the events we host is with International Dinner where all can see, learn and taste different food from another country. We also sponsor a Heritage Day where different groups of people from another country will have exhibits about their country focusing on geography, history, cultures and traditions. We will also post general information on the display board and publish articles in the church bulletin and on the parish website about the different countries and their people.

Membership to this ministry is open to everybody.

MISSION:  To promote peace and harmony in our community, by sharing, learning and fully understanding of the different cultures and traditions of the different ethnic origins in our community.  In doing so, we can develop respect to one another.  Living in harmony also promotes cooperastion, helping others and getting involved ib community affairs and especially in church activities and lastly in the safety of our neighborhood.


  • Promoting a peaceful community
  • Living in harmony
  • Promoting involvement in community living
  • Provide a safe environment