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Music Ministry

Music MinistryMusic is integral to the celebration of any liturgical event.  Singing unifies and deepens our communal prayer.  Singing together, we become one body in Christ.

The gift of music is a treasure to be shared.  St. Joseph Music Ministries offers a wide variety of musical experiences for parishioners.  Whether you are interested in singing or are an instrumentalist of any kind, you can be sure that you will be joining a great group of people.

We invite you to join with us in making beautiful music for St. Joseph Church - it is an amazing vocation.  Any musical gift you have been blest with can be realized by joining one of our groups, whether it be one of the adult choirs or as an instrumentalist. 

Perhaps you have been thinking about joining one of the groups, but there has been that one thing holding you back.  Perhaps the choirs seem so close knit that you  feel you would be an "outsider" if you were to join.  Please be assured, one of our highest priorities is to foster a sense of community.  We love seeing new faces and welcoming them into our family.  I promise you will be put at ease at the very first rehearsal you attend. 

Perhaps you don't read music, so you think there is no way you could join.  Well...lots of our musicians don't read music!  Music is something that is heard, not seen.  In fact, music was being produced thousands and thousands of years before a single note was every written down.  Does an ability to read music help?  Yes, but it is not at all essential.  Please don't let this be the thing that holds you back.

If you feel you are too busy to make a commitment, you might be surprised at the kind of flexibility we can offer you.  If you are even somewhat curious about anything to do with music making at St. Joseph Church,

please contact the Director of Music Ministries: Jefferey A. Hall.

The Music Ministry at St. Joseph includes:

    *Sunday Choir (8:30 AM Mass)
    *Contemporary Choir (11:00 AM Mass)
    *Handbell Choir
    *Music for Weddings and Funerals